QR code menus

Beautiful cost effective QR code menus for small restaurants, cafés and bars.

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Feature packed

Just a few of the reasons our QR code menus are the best.

50+ menu QR code print sizes
Easy for your staff to manage
No apps or software to install
Filtering for V, VG, GF
Quick and friendly support
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For the small guy

We are built for small independent businesses like yours so we always make sure our service is cost effective. $27.00 a month is all you pay for your digital menu. No contracts and you can cancel anytime. Make your restaurant menu work harder for you. For the cost of 1 meal a month, it’s a no-brainer!

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Easy to use

Creating your online menu is quick & easy plus, changes are instant! Managing your menu is super easy too. No apps or software to install. Just sign up, add your categories e.g. breakfast, lunch etc. Add items, prices, any images and extras. We’ll make sure your contactless menu looks great on any device. No more redesigning or reprinting after every menu change.

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Easy to print

Out the box your menu’s QR code is ready to download and print in over 50 different paper sizes. If that’s not enough, you can also download your menu’s QR code and put it on whatever you like. Printing is easy. Just download your menu’s QR code in the paper size you need, and take it to your printer of choice. If you are in the US, Canada, Australia, NZ and most of Europe, and need help with printing, we can work with you to get whichever QR menu codes you want printed and delivered to your door.

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Beautiful online menus

Mobile phone, tablet or desktop, your online digital menu will look stunning on every device. Your patrons can quickly navigate to categories or specific items they are looking for and filter your menu items by dietary requirements. Your menu is also optimized for search engines amplifying your online presence and giving your menu items the best chance of being found when people search for the kind of food you offer.

Qr code menu QR code on card with lobster, corn, thyme and chillis on top of it

Any shape & every size

Put your QR code menus on tables, placards or wherever suits your restaurant, bar or cafe best. Your patrons just have to scan any of your printed menu QR codes located in multiple places in your shop and Voilà.

Free contact tracing

Contact tracing is included in your monthly fee. Just enable it in your settings, and after your guests scan your menu’s QR code, they will be asked to submit their details before they see your digital menu.

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Our customers love us

We empower local food businesses by letting them focus on the quality of their meals and customer experience. Our customers trust us to take care of their online presence and give them the tools they need to succeed in an ever-changing digital landscape.

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QR code menus

Beautiful digital menus for small restaurants bars and cafes


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